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PolyflexTM - Aliphatic Optical Grade Urethane Interlayer Film

The Polyfilm division represents urethane polymer producers and manufacturers of Extruded Polyurethane Film and Sheet.
Each manufacturer is chosen for it's specialized technology and experience in Polymer formulation and transforming Thermoplastic Polyurethane polymers into an intermediate product, which is used by a wide variety of industries to create or improve the physical aspect of a final product for the world market.

Special characteristics of Polyurethane films are their extreme toughness, high elongation and tensile strength, tear resistance and chemical resistance.

PF-2300 Our general workhorse
PF-2500     Low modules
Improved low temperature performance
PF-6100    New formulation for improved properties at low and high temperatures
PF-6300    Rigid membrane applications

New polymer
Good adhesion to acrylics
Good low temperature properties

PF-1300    Lower cost interlayer for building and construction application


Polyguard 5000 Special composition with enhanced adhesion to polyurethane interlayers
Improved hard coat
Polyguard 5500    Special composition with enhanced adhesion to PVB interlayers
Improved abrasion resistant hardcoat surface


Product Data Sheets
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Download this file (POLYGUARD_5000.pdf)Polyguard 5000389 kB
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Product Data Sheets
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Download this file (PF-359_new.pdf)PF-35993 kB
Download this file (POLYFLEX_EdgeSeal_PLusrevB.pdf)PF-EdgeSeal Plus181 kB


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Polymar maintains extensive warehouse facilities in the Antwerp area for all products produced by our principal suppliers. Because we service many "just-in-time" industries, Polymar has designed a rapid response system for order processing and delivery. We can provide 24 hour deliveries within Benelux and 1-5 day deliveries throughout Europe.