The invinsible link in glass laminating

PolyflexTM films provide the invisible link in combining glass and plastic glazing materials.  Today's high-performance safety and security requirements for glass in buildings and transportation call for higher impact resistance and lower weight than is possible with all glass constructions.
To meet the specifications for high-performance glass, PolyflexTM polyurethane inter-layer films are used to combine glass and an optical-quality, high impact plastic sheet, such as poly-carbonate, for a wide range of bullet resistant or impact resistant glazing composites.


Buildings and Constructions

PolyflexTM films are used in high-performance glazing laminates where security and protection of personnel and material are major concerns.  Sophisticated glazing laminates are specified today in new construction as well as building retrofits.

Major applications include: government buildings, hotels, manufacturing plants, banks, embassies and consulates, retail stores, corporate office centers, prisons.



Glazing systems are keeping pace with the ever-increasing level of sophistication in today's automobiles, trucks, trains and aircraft.  Safety and security are important reasons for the development of high-strength glass/plastic laminates for both civilian and military applications. 

Technology in the glass industry is also creating more interest in specialty laminate constructions, such as: heat conductive glass, solar control glass, alarm sensor glass, thin wall armoring.

PolyflexTM inter-layer films are used extensively in all of these state-of-the-art glazing systems to protect coated glass surfaces and provide maximum security for driver and passengers.

PolyflexTM films are available in a product range designed to meet your varying performance and production requirements for the lamination of glass and plastics, such as poly-carbonate and acrylic.  These films are available in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 0.38 mm (.015 inch) to 1.9 mm (.075 inch), and in widths from 1000 mm (39 inch) to 2000 mm (80 inch).

Application Guide to the Polymar Product Range


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