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Polymar is a technical marketing and distribution company based in Antwerp Belgium. Founded in 1983, we set out to develop products and markets for US based companies in Europe. Today, Polymar is a leading supplier of state of the art products and systems based on Polyurethane chemistry. 

Our Mission Statement is to utilize years of experience in Polyurethanes and knowledge of the European markets to develop Environmentally friendly new products and business for our clients.

Today, our products are sold into many diverse markets where they often play a unique and vital role in the success of the end product or system. Among the industries in which our products can be found.


We work closely with our principle suppliers to develop products and systems to meet the requirements of European Clients and Markets.


Polyurethane Extruded sheet and film for optical quality glass and plastic laminating
Extruded Polyurethane films, tubing and profiles
Water based Polyurethane Coatings, paints, and finishes
Solvent and Water based Polyurethane intermediates
Polyurethane Coatings and Paints
Metal Protection systems

In addition to our Chemical Specialties Department, Polymar also distributes products for the Retail Trade industry. 

The Polysign Division distributes Point-of-Sale poster display systems.





Polymer Marketing Specialists

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